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notebook cooling

Cooler Master R9-NBC-XSLI-GP


Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim Notebook Cooling Pad - Ergonomic Tilt Adjuster, Metal Deck, 160mm Quiet Fan, supports up to 17" notebooks

Cooler Master R9-NBC-SF7K-GP

Special Order $85.84

Cooler Master Storm SF-17 Notebook Cooling Pad - 4 Height Adjustments, LED Lighting Strip, 180mm Quiet Fan, 4xUSB2.0 ports, supports up to 17" notebooks

Cooler Master R9-NBC-LPAR-GP

Special Order $51.84

Cooler Master LapAir Notebbok Cooling Pad - Comfy Sponge Mat Surface, Quiet 80mm Fan, Ergonomic Design, supports up to 17" notebooks

Cooler Master R9-NBC-4WAK-GP

Special Order $48.84

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Notebook Cooling Pad - Blue LED, 140mm Quiet Fan, supports up to 17" notebooks

Cooler Master C-HS02-KA

Special Order $40.84

Cooler Master Comforter Notebook Lap Pad - Reversible ergonomic design, Cushioned for comfortable lap use, Stable platform for desk use


Special Order $48.84

MacAlly EcoFanPro Bamboo Adjustable Notebook Stand

Targus AWE7301US


Targus LAP Chill Mat Jr. Notebook Cooler - fits up to 15.6" notebooks, 1x USB-powerd Fan

Thermaltake CL-N001-PL14BU-A


Thermaltake Massive14 Squared Notebook Cooler - fits 10 - 17" notebooks, 2x140mm Silent Fans with On/Off & Speed Control, provides 2xUSB2.0 ports, USB-powered

Thermaltake CLN0009


Thermaltake Massive23 NB Notebook Cooler

Thermaltake CL-N004-PL20BL-A


Thermaltake Massive V20 Notebook Cooler - fits up to 17" notebooks, Anti-slip Mesh, 1x 200mm Silent Fan with Speed Control, USB-powered

Thermaltake CL-N006-PL05BL-A

Special Order $21.84

Thermaltake Satellite Notebook Cooler - fits any size notebook, Each stand can be used flat as part of stand or folded as a tower speaker, 2x 50mm fans, Integrated Dual Speakers