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When you need to adapt from one connector to another, or convert a signal from one device to another, we offer a product for everything

usb convertors

USB is a versatile connector, and allows many devices including bluetooth, disk drives, floppy drives and legacy printers to connect

usb adapters

With various sizes of USB connectors, you can find the adapter to make your connection.. well, connect

usb otg

USB OTG (On the Go) allows certain mobile phones and tablets to connect to external storage and display sources

usb networking

Perfect for upgrading notebook's wireless as well as adding wireless to an existing system with a small USB device

usb video

USB video devices allow the use of multi-monitors on devices where the graphics system present is unable to do so

usb audio

Upgrade your notebook or other portable device to 5.1 or better audio with a simple USB plugin

video convertors

Video convertors are more than a simple cable, they can convert digital video signals to analog, or vice-versa

video adapters

Sometimes you just need an inexpensive, simple adapter to connect two video cables or two devices together


We carry a full selection of lifetime guaranteed cables, that don't empty your wallet. If you don't see it, call us, we'll get it

audio convertors

Audio convertors use onboard processors to convert one type of audio signal to another, required when using home theatre equipment

audio adapters

Whether you're patching in a headphone, or trying to connect your PC to a set of speakers, find the adapter you need to make it all fit

io adapters

Parallel, Serial, PS/2.. Adapters allow the use of existing cables and devices, and ease the process of hooking it all up

disk drive convertors

Convert from EIDE to SATA, or the other way around with these drive convertors

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