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It never fails that we have two devices we need to hook together. We carry lifetime-warranty quality cables to connect practically anything to anything.

digital audio cables

Digital Audio cables allow you connect your system to speakers, receivers, and TVs that use digital audio connections

usb cables

Why pay big box overpricing for your USB2.0 & USB3.0 cables? We carry them all, in various lengths and configurations

hdmi cables

We carry only quality HDMI 1.4 cables which feature network support for Smart TVs. Pssst. We also sell them at very reasonable prices

analog audio cables

Analog Audio cables allow you connect your system to speakers, receivers, and TVs that use analog audio connections

firewire cables

Hooking up your Firewire (IEEE1394) device could't be simpler. Regardless of the connector type

display port cables

Display Port is primarily used to connect to a display, but can be used for audio and data as well

sata/sas cables

It never fails that we need another cable to add another hard drive or optical device. We also have angled and latching cables if needed

io cables

We offer a full line of 9pin and 25pin serial and parallel cables. Other specialty cables and "pin your own" are available on request

dvi cables

DVI is used to connect a device to a display, and depending on the connector can be used to transmit digital or analog video signals

network cables

Whether you need a short patch cable, or a 100' box, our cable is all Cat6 (500Mbps) rated. Plenum, outdoor burial is available as well

ps/2 cables

Legacy connectors for keyboards and mice are available when you need to extend the length of those you have

svga cables

Whether you need to extend your monitor cable, or simply need a longer version, we stock them all

fibre optic cables

Fibre Optic network cables allow for very high data transmission rates. They are commonly used in data centers and for connecting switches

chassis cables

Need that 6pin connector to get more power to your graphics card? Maybe need power to a new SATA drive? We carry a full selection

misc video cables

Looking for Coaxial or S-Video cables? This is where you'll find them


When you need to adapt from one connector to another, or convert a signal from one device to another, we offer a product for everything

thunderbolt cables

Thunderbolt allows the transmission of high-speed data and video with speeds up to 40Gb/sec

apple cables

proprietary Apple connectors are required by most iPhones and iPads for connect to chargers and computers

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