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A PC is simply a box. It's the things you attach to it that bring it to life. Hear great audio, watch and record HD video, that's whats enjoyable


Make using your system more enjoyable and easier by ugrading to a larger display. Choose from a variety of resolutions and sizes

display accessories

Now that you have that display, you might want to hang it, or jazz it up a bit

display mounts

Get your screen off the desk. Whether it's a simple mount, or a multiple screen rack, we can get you the solution that suits you best

speaker systems

Whether your needs for sound are basic, or more demanding, choosing the right set of speakers will enhance your audio enjoyment


You don't have to give up great sound by using headphones. Many feature positional audio, grat clarity, and mics for chatting


Whether you are looking for a portable presentation display or an immersive large screen home theatre, projectors can fufill your needs

media players

Play your media on your TV from another PC on your network, as well as subscription-based streaming services


Standalone mics offer the best audio recording, whether you are recording musical instruments or voice communicating in games or Skype


Wearable devices complement your digital world, connecting you to what is important

video tuners

Turn a PC into a full-fledged media center with TV tuner cards that allow you to bring your TV signal into your computer for watching and recording

web cameras

Standard on notebooks, web cameras are a perfect addition for those using Skype or other video conferencing software

mixed reality

With the new Fall Creators update for Windows 10 you have the tools to enjoy immersive virtual reality

video capture

If you need to convert analog video from DVR cameras, DVD players or need a solution to record gameplay you'll find the solution here

multi displays

Geared for professionals and gamers who need multiple displays to get things done, these devices simplify hookup and offer great performance

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