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Why Itech?

Walking into a big box store, or surfing the internet can be a bit overwhelming for many people shopping for technology. The vast array of products, the multitude of manufacturers, and the uniformed, overly-pushy commisioned salespeople trying to close a sale before you leave the store, not only make the shopping experience unpleasant, but worse, leave many customers unsatisfied once they realize their purchase does not fulfil their needs.

How do we know? Not a day goes by where someone comes into our store telling us about their bad experiences. About how they overpaid for something, or were sold something that was incapable of doing what they needed, or got "advice" that was incorrect. Why you ask?

Let's face it, selling technology is more than part numbers, and specs on a box. It requires knowledge and experience. We've been in business for almost 18 years now. We've seen many businesses arrive with a bang, and eventually close with a whimper. We've watched many manufacturers flood the market with cheap products, only to disappear once the returns on their crappy products overpowered the number they could sell. Sure, we can sell cheap crap, at cheap prices, with crappy after-sales attitudes... who can't?

Our philosophy is the same today as it was when we started Itech. Provide every customer with the information they need to make an informed decision, offer them competitive pricing on the products they ultimately choose, and be there after the sale to ensure they get the most out of their purchase. We did this with the hope that our customers would continue to patronize our business, and maybe drop our name, in a positive vein, to their family and friends as a place where they should at least drop in to talk before buying. Thanks to you all.

Computer Systems

We have always built our own systems. We do this for a number of reasons.

• Quality control. We select the brand names of the components we use based on quality, not price. Sure we could probably make a couple of extra bucks up front, but having to deal with the inevitable failures, returns, time spent troubleshooting issues, and most importantly, dealing with unhappy customers, is not condusive to good business.

• Flexibility. We customer-tailor our systems based on the information you provide as your intended use to ensure that your out of the box experience equals and exceeds your expectations.

• Current technology. Why buy a new system at new system prices when the technology used to build it has already been surpassed? Custom building allows you get get newer, updated versions of the components, instead of the ones used last year on the assembly-line production.

• Knowledge. Go to a box store, and ask what components are inside the box. Chances are they will have no idea, and instead read the specs and price off of the sticker plastered on the side. Look inside? Can't. If you dont know what's inside the box, then what are you buying? At Itech, it's more than a box.

• Warranty. We built it, we warranty it. Simple as that. No third-party warranty company hoping to not have to deal with it, no need to send it away for weeks or months. No spending hours on the phone to a foreign country trying to get someone to accept the fact that there is a problem in the first place.

Give us your business... and we'll give you our best.


We are picky in choosing the products we offer for sale. We only stock products that any of us would feel comfortable using ourselves. We hate junk, and worse, we hate when customers have junk products sold to them as being quality. Customers often ask why we don't list or sell certain "brand" components like other companies. Simple. They are cheap. They will fail. You will be upset.

We source and sell many more components than we list. We supply many small, medium and large business organizations, governement departments, schools with specific product requirements, and individuals looking for that hard to find part. Give us a call, or drop us an email with your needs, and we'll source it for you.