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Why Itech?

Anyone can sell a product, and if it's a shirt you're buying then it's not really much of a deal if the salesperson knows the washing characteristics of cotton, or whether the color is compatible with the pants you bought last week.

For other things, a bit of knowledge can make the difference between buying something that doesn't do what you want or does it poorly, to something that satisfies your needs perfectly. Our job is to ensure the latter. We love technology, we use technolgy, we live technology. To that end, we spend a lot of time reading about, playing with, understanding and troubleshooting it. Do we know everything? Of course not. Anyone who professes to know it all is feeding you a line, as there is no one who could possibly know it all. So what differentiates us then? We won't answer your questions unless we know the correct answer, and if we don't, we'll spend the time to research it, so that when we do offer an answer, we are comfortable that it is correct. This benefits not only you, but us as well.


Our customers know that when they drop in looking for something, that we will ask them questions. Why? Simply because we want to know what your needs are, what you have in mind to accomplish your goal, and to find out whether you are heading in the right direction. This gives us the opportunity to fully understand what you are trying to do, answer any unresolved questions you may have, and direct you to the product that will best fit your needs.

No one here is on commission, no one makes any extra money by upselling you on price or warranty, no one needs to meet a quota to keep their job, no one needs to apply "closing" sales practices before you leave our store. We're not afraid you won't come back. We encourage you to do your due dilligence, shop around and ask questions... we're sure you'll feel comfortable coming back..

So whether you are considering purchasing a desktop PC, notebook, tablet, LCD panel, or accessory, feel free to come in, ask for advice, opinions, and get a little hands on experience.


Sometimes you have questions, or need a little guidance after the fact. We're here to help you if you need it, and we're always available to provide answers.

Purchased your new PC, taken it home, get it unpacked, need guidance hooking it up? Yes, of course you can call us! Simple how and where to plug things in are gladly answered.

Bought a new component and having issues getting it working correctly? Please, let us know. We'll do our best to provide you with the guidance to make sure everything is working correctly.

Maybe you're having problems playing or viewing a file? We're here to help.

To sum it up... Itech is working with you. Before, during, and after the sale. After all, that's why you purchased from us in the first place, isn't it?