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No one has asked us to raise the price of a product to match someone elses price yet... however

Why "MatchIt"?

Glad you asked...

We notice clients purchasing parts from other stores, coming to us for information on how to make it work, looking for parts that the other guys forgot they needed, and all too often with parts that aren’t compatible with what they already have.

When asked why they didn’t just grab all of the correct parts from us in the first place, the most common reply is that they saved a buck or two on an item somewhere else.

Why drive from store to store wasting your time and your fuel? Why buy something that a cashier tells you is probably correct for your application?

We are known for our product knowledge and outstanding customer service. So to solve the the pricing concern...

You wanted a better price?

You got a better price!!!

the details

We will be glad to "MatchIt" pricing with any local, legitimate PC parts retailers pricing.

Item must be in stock at the competitors location.

Item must be the same brand, vendor part/model number, and color as the purchased product.

Price must me valid in Canadian dollars on the day of purchase.

Offer does not apply to other promotions, educational pricing, misprints, liquidations, close-outs, demo, or minimum order sales.

Itech reserves the right to limit the quantity of merchandise purchased under the "MatchIt" promotion

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